Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Anthony Velez (ODIEkriss)
Senior Admin for 7~11 Gaming Community
Our TF2 Servers:
7~11 Versus Saxton Hale
Our CS 1.6 servers:
{7~11} Coca~Cola Respawn *TacticsMOD*
{7~11} RootBeer - 24/7 AsSaULT UPC MOD

Hit any admin of our clan if you wanna be part of our clan or take the initiative and visit the forums yourelf and you do it!

1. What is an Admin?
What is an admin? An admin can be defined as a person who is responsible in management. In our case, the admin is responsible in managing problematic situations in our servers, enforce the rules that we have set up, ban hackers, and be friendly and resourceful to pubbers that play on our servers.

Although it is frowned upon to ask for admin at 7~11, I will give you some tips on how to achieve that goal quicker, if at all possible. Note this may be applied to any other clan your looking into as well.
“This is the question that I have seen repeatedly, asked, or even burns in the heart of a pubber. Some clans sell their admins for money to support their servers, others reward members with admin for skill. Our clan gives out admin to the members that have stood out from others showing the ability to handle the responsibility.”

2. First things First!
 You have to become a member of 7~11 if your condsidering going anywhere in our clan concerning admin. Your going to have to fill out a Recruitment Request.
Step 1. First off you wanna visit the 711 forums. Once there you will need to click the button that says register on the far left corner.Once there just follow the easy steps, you will have to wait for an administrator to activate your account or come to me and I will make sure it gets done quicker. Click on the register link to register on forums. Activate your account by getting in touch with me or any other admin who isnt busy and is willing to help you.
Step 2. Next you want to scroll down to where it says Recruitment Request in the forums, make sure to follow the format and you should be recruited in no more than 5 days. But it doesnt stop there the key to becoming full member is to always be active on both servers and the forums. Remember even dropping a shout in the shoutbox or posting in the spam section counts toward you so just keep at it and you will be recruited in no time!
Link to format you have to follow: http://www.forums.711clan.net/showthread.php?t=74
Shouldn’t be too hard to get this step done.

3. Ok you’re a member…
It takes a month before you become member usually there will be a thread in the Announcements section of the forums, it will be called Promotions News. If you made it this is where you will find out. Once you are a member you will be expected to set a good example of our clan.
If you expect to get promoted to Junior Admin your gonna have to work for it. It took me seven long months before I was promoted. You have to follow all the rules, make sure your always active on both servers and forums especially whenever you can. You have to be dedicated and willing to help out any admins, and people on server. Enforce our rules, even if it means people you like on the server. If anyone is hacking, or being disrespectful, holding up rounds, doing anything you know they should be call them out! And always record demo’s so you can report them later. Buying admin is also a good way to show you can handle the responsibility of being an admin although not nessacery.
Useful Tips:

How to record a demo!
As many people are confused on how to do this, Here's a tutorial on how to demo and report hackers and trouble makers.If you see a hacker, go into spec and go to the suspected hacker in FIRST PERSON and start a demo. If it's just a trouble maker, like somebody swearing, you don't have to go into spectator, just make sure their misbehaving is in the demo. To do this go into console (Default ~ key) and type "record hacker." Hacker can be replaced with anything, that's just what the demo will be named. Like so...

Next, we need the suspect's steamID to be able to ban him if he's breaking rules. Type "status" in console, the characters in the red box is a person's SteamID.

When you are 150% positive the person is hacking, (Rule of thumb for hackers is 3 hack shots) or if someone has demonstrated enough that they just cannot follow the rules after a few warnings, type "stop" in console.
Now you have a completed demo. It will be saved in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\counter-strike\cstrike. The demo will be somewhere in that folder with whatever name you gave it. In this case it would be named "hacker.dem"
Next, upload it to our file shack, located here:
Note: for TF2 it’s the same concept except files are located in (C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2)

Now click "browse" and navigate to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\counter-strike\cstrike and click the demo. Then click "upload file." When it's completed uploading, it will give you a link. Copy that link, then go to the forum named "Suggestions, Complaints, and Feedback." If you're reporting a hacker, post in Hacker Accusations.If you're reporting a trouble maker, post in Trouble Makers. The thread title should be formatted like this: [Offence] Player name [Server]. Post a link to the demo in the thread and you're done.

4. Promotions and Hopefully Adminship for you!
Remember Do not ask for administrative rights. It is earned through commitment, attitude, and experience. It might take a while for the Administrators to notice you, and longer still for them to decide wether you feel your deserving of admin position. The Junior admins job is simple. They are to keep order on the servers and get rid of rule breakers so as to maintain a fun and fair environment on all the servers. They have proven their maturity and worth to the clan and have earned the ability to help keep the servers clean.  But don’t limit yourself to only doing that, if that is you plan on moving further up the ranks. Some people will get to this rank and stop as they don’t really see the point. Always strive to much more of whats asked of you, reach out to higher up admins and let them know your willing to help in any way possible, everything you have learned to this point still applies.
If your reading this I hope you best of luck, and hope you’ll help keep our wonderful clan running for many more days to come!